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Your Seasonal Home Checklist!

Ahhh yes...autumn. The time where leaves fall, it turns cold...and inevitably, something big and expensive needs repairing. Keeping your house in working order can feel like a year-round chore. To help you maintain a clean, pristine and functioning home, we broke down the most essential tasks you should complete this fall. Cut down on huge budget-busting repairs with these tips from Emerald Ladder Designs:

  1. Clean Your Gutters:

This is a big one we're seeing. Not bothering to clean out your gutters can (and usually does) lead to serious roof damage. Remove dirt, debris and leaves so your gutters can do their job.

Consider this: 500,000 people fall off of roofs annually, and 97% of those falls are homeowners.

2. Check Your Heating System:

Why check your heating system? Dirt, hair, pet dander, dust bunnies, lint ninjas, and all manner of pollen will clog your air filter. It's recommended to change your filters at least once a month for optimal performance, especially in this Idaho desert! Chances are, you've already had to kick your heater on. You're spewing all those allergens into the air. Make sure you have a licensed and insured HVAC serviceman come out and clean your ducts, vents, filters, and get a tune up on your system. Please don't forget to have them brush your dryer vent. Dryer vents are the number one most commonly forgotten about vent in the whole home! Yet about 5,000 housefires per year are the direct result from an unkempt dryer vent.

3. Inspect Your Roof:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's often skipped by most homeowners, due to either lack of time or just not aware you really should check all the peaks and valleys yearly for cracks, or damage AHEAD of harsh winter conditions. In many cases, these simple and inexpensive inspections and/or repairs, can often make up for the expense and hassle you DO have to go through, by a significant savings on your electric/ heating bill.

4. Check weather stripping on windows and doors:

Brisk winter drafts need to stay outside, where they belong. Installing or replacing existing weather stripping will cut down drafty doors and wailing windows.

5. Turn Off Sprinklers and Outside Standpipes/ faucets:

Insulate your outside water spigots with an old pool noodle cut up, and wrap your standpipes. The extra layer of insulation will prevent expensive pipe breakages and leaks from happening.

6. Test your sump pump...

Sump pumps are a huge budget breaker when they fail and your basement floods. Especially in winter.

Some other things you can do that will greatly reduce your stress level next spring are Rake leaves, aerate soil and fertilize your lawn, Drain garden hoses, Seal and caulk cracks around windows, Fix or upgrade your outside lighting, Clean your crawlspace, and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

These tips will not only save you money this winter, but also keep your home in peak working order.

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