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Price Drop Guarantee!

Who guarantees their prices will drop during the season? That's right...Emerald Landscaping does!

Times are tough and we get it. Most professional companies in the area will hit their customers with inflation at the beginning of every season (because who ISN'T affected by the current economy?). However, with Emerald Landscape, we have adjusted our pricing to allow bigger savings for you.

What does all this mean?

I'm glad you asked. What "Price Drop Guarantee" means is as we get more contracts for lawn care in your specific service location, we will drop your weekly price!

Let's roll this into a scenario.

Let's say Mary signs on for a yearly contract with us at $150 per week.

Mary then gets 5 of her neighbors to also sign with Emerald Landscape.

Mary then will get a week free! That's a 16% savings, on top of our already rock bottom prices! For every person Mary refers and signs a valid contract, her price drops, even if she doesn't manage to get 5 people.

The more contracts we get, the more you save!

Call, text or email with any questions you may have!

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