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Partnering With The Community!!

We have recently partnered with Union High School as a means of getting the importance of trade schools and service industry experience to prepare those kids who travel a different path in life. Small businesses have the opportunity of a lifetime to intern one of these students.


Little-known Union High School is an alternative-esqu school that offers students a chance at real-life job skills. They intern at businesses in the community and get hands-on learning early, giving them a greater chance at success learning business standards and procedures, many offering further employment during school breaks and continuing post-high school.

Students are expected to show their learning through exhibitions and apply the many courses of high school into their experience with the internship.

If you or someone you know has a small business willing to give these students a helping hand enter the workforce successfully, give Union High School a call and see how you can contribute!

This here is Henna, our newest intern to join the Emerald Team. She jumped right in and began clearing like a champ! Henna is a senior at Union, interested in Interior Design, but is also intrigued by Landscape Design, as it is very similar. Henna's interests include wrestling (where she placed in Districts), friends and takes her schooling very seriously. Henna ALSO holds down a regular job in our community! This kid has goals and determination, and anybody would be lucky to have her on their team!

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