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Is it REALLY "Weed Free"?

When your landscaper tells you "Guaranteed not to have weeds", what does that mean? As a homeowner myself, that means I don't need to worry about those stubborn goatheads and cheat grass getting stuck in my pets' paws, causing ungodly vet bills and other issues.

They're unsightly, and make your yard look horrid when they pop up in your driveway or in your rock beds. Who has time to worry about pulling or spraying weeds? Especially when timing is everything with them. Pull them too late and they just pop back up.

Well...Emerald Landscape has JUST the Secret Formuler for you!

That's right, I said "Secret Formuler" because it is a proprietary granule that sterilizes.

What's the difference between things like Round-Up or weed barrier and what we use?

For starters, Round-Up© typically only gets those that have germinated. Some formulas will claim to eliminate "pre-emergent" weeds. But here's the truth: While effective for a short time, Round -Up eventually rinses off with rain or irrigational waterings, and you're left unprotected. Then you need to call some lawncare guys and get scheduled (who knows when that's going to happen with so many people needing lawn care this year?) to either come pull the offending weeds, but...then you have to worry about seeds blowing on the wind and starting the whole nonsense again.

Weed Barrier: Let's get to it. Weed barrier might seem like a great and cost-effective way to control the weeds but let's be doesn't do much. There are many different materials when it comes to weed barrier. Most common is plastic, fabric, natural (such as straw, mulch or newspapers), then homemade. Most times, when you pull it up, you have this soppy, nasty, mat of disgustingness that sits in a pile until you decide to throw it away. Not very environmentally friendly either. The stronger weeds just clump up underneath it, still there, waiting for their moment to shine through once they get even a CRACK to slip up. So, you decided you're going to put weed barrier down then cover it with soil? Well, that soil now has weed seeds and sprouts and will totally miss the weed barrier! UGH! Whyyyyy?! Throwing rock right on top of the weed barrier? SURPRISE! Seeds of weeds and other plants like trees will stick to the fabric! You're in the same position as before.

If only there was something you could add to the soil that won't harm pets or kids and keep those buggers OUT!

If only....

Exit Weeds!

Exit Seeds!

Take my hand

Off to never never land!

Sterilant used in preparation of rock

on the side of this clients house. Client specifically

stated they did NOT want any vegetation at all on

the sides. This needs to be considered before applying


Image ©Emerald Landscape and Designs 2022

Our propriety blend of natural minerals will sterilize your ground where you're putting rocks! We have put the science behind the problem and have figured out a way to keep our rock beds looking poppin fresh and seasonably beautiful for YEARS...not weeks or months.

Putting in a rock or gravel driveway but have a serious problem with vegetation in the area? Don't pay to have someone "maybe" handle the problem. We'll come apply our Secret Formuler and you won't have to worry about it!

Goatheads? Oh yes, works on those too! Just not the dingle berries that fall off the parent plant. Aside from burning those, there's nothing that will kill those. Which is why you want to get this down early before the berries form and drop. Typically should be applied just after last frost, to really kick the germination in the booty and stop them before they start.

Please note, this will keep ANY and ALL plants from establishing, and should ONLY be applied by professionals at Emerald Landscape and Designs. If you plan on planting anything in the area within 5 years, we highly suggest another form of weed barrier. This will absolutely sterilize everything it comes in contact with. Applied under extreme care.

If you'd like an application of our Secret Formuler applied, send us a message! Or if you'd like to talk other, less-permanent solutions, we can discuss those options as well! Give us a text or email!

(208) 697-6651

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