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Giving your trees and shrubs a haircut!

Why is Pruning so important?

Pruning your foliage is important for the health of your plants as well as the health of your belongings. Overgrown trees can have a catastrophic effect on your home.

For example, if you have an apricot tree in your backyard that shades your home, this is wonderful and helpful. However, the catastrophe will happen if the limbs are left to die and eventually fall on top of your home or the fence surrounding your land. If you were to prune back dead limbs and remove excess weight then the result is a healthy tree that will, under normal conditions, continue to thrive and produce shade and bear fruit.

Other aspects of pruning will include dead heading plants and flowers so that the nutrients are naturally guided to the limbs and stems that need it and not being wasted on dead ends just being greedy.

Bushes will need to be maintained so that they do not grow out of control and take over the land itself. Many bushes are easy to maintain in that most of what you do is just give it a “haircut”. Just take some off the top and sides to allow for growth in the coming season.

Taking care of your landscape is manageable if you stay on top of it and do not allow it to maintain you! Your landscape much like yourself will need tlc and patience. Do not be intimidated by the task at hand and your land will be looking great in no time. Your local library and garden store will be able to guide you for more information on pruning and how to.

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