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Do I need Landscaping or Lawn Care?

We get many calls asking for landscaping, when in reality, they don't need a whole lot done to their yard. Maybe some weed pulling; a few stones placed here or there, maybe some permabark or cedar mulch filled in. These are examples of lawn "maintenance", not landscaping.

Let's look at the major differences.


Landscaping is the art of planning, designing and converting a bare or otherwise unenthusiastic area into a beautiful place to stroll on. It Involves the planting and caring of the plants. Hardscaping and installation of various structures like walkways, patios, pavers, decks, and added decorations like pools, fountains, etc., to grab the attention of your guests.

There are numerous activities in Landscaping. Good landscaping activities should perfectly suit the style of your house. The following are some of the elements of good landscaping :

  • Green Trees with Flowers and Shade

  • Foundation Plantings

  • Concrete or paver paths in the Lawn

  • Driveways for vehicles

  • Planting Beds

  • Garden Sculptures

  • Fencings and Fountains

  • Ponds and outdoor Patios

  • Gazeebos

The materials can be basic, or boujie, natural or not. It really depends on the style you're going for, and how you'd like it to flow. We've created whimsical, practical, high-end, and magical. The feel and flow is what the landscape designer works with, as well as your vision for the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Lawn Maintenance:

Lawn care comes into picture only when there is garden present in the area. To Keep up a lawn’s health and beauty a typical lawn care company will offer the following services.

Lawn Mowing: This service includes mowing the grass areas completely, trimming, edging of hard surfaces, and cleaning up all the garbage.

Fertilization and Weed Control: One of the important services. Well, balanced fertilizers are needed for the lawn to grow healthier and also weeds need to be removed from time to time.

Clean Ups: Clean ups are usually conducted in Spring and Fall seasons to remove the fallen leaves, accumulated debris, and other little tasks in the front and backyard lawns of your home.

Aeration: This is a process to remove some small cores from the lawn for eliminating thatch, loosening up the soil, which allows water and nutrients to get deeper into the ground.

Dethatching: This involves the thatch removal in the lawn to prevent the spread of fungus in the garden.

Pruning: This is a method of removing broken and sucker branches and dead wood to maintain the health and appeal of the lawn.

The bottom Line: Landscaping is time consuming, while maintenance is usually much quicker. If you decide to go the route of landscaping, plan on roughly 6-8 weeks from start to finish, and plan your budget, and scheduling accordingly. Clean ups are generally 2-4 weeks, and maintenance is generally scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

Both are necessary for a healthy, beautiful lawn you can be proud of, and that's why Emerald Ladder Designs is a full service landscape and maintenance company. Call us to book your experience today!

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