Meet the Crew!

Boss of the Blades for many years!

There’s a reason why we’re a top Landscaping Service in the Treasure Valley. From small gardens to large commercial properties, we approach every project with expertise and care. We believe you should know who is conducting your work, and a little bit about them.

Jeremiah- Big Man on campus; Owner that's not afraid to pitch in and get his elbows dirty! Quality and accuracy is top priority. Proud Veteran, he enjoys Jiu Jitsu, and spending time at the gun-range.

Toby- Foreman, making sure crews perform to top-notch. Many years experience doing various Landscarping and Maintenance projects. Toby has a wonderful attitude about work, and enjoys family time as well as going to the movies!

Isaiha- Hydro-Technician. Don't let his age fool you, this kid knows his stuff when it comes to irrigation! He has plans of becoming certified in the hydo-techincal world, a passion he never would have discovered without this experience. Also enjoys movies and hanging out with friends!

Troy- Assistant. He is learning from the Big Boss how to make accurate bids and also has an intern. Troy has plans to own a large functioning ranch, and learning all the aspects of such a career. Troy enjoys cinema as well, horseback riding, and ranch living.

Henna- Landscaping Designer Intern. This lady has an eye for all the small details that matter and putting a feminine touch on your outdoor space. She's attending Union High School, and interning with us through a community based program to give kids a jumpstart in the workforce! 

Super great team that works well together! Don't be afraid to come out and say hello and get to know these guys!